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Ayurveda (the '' science of life'') is Indian's natural healing system. It is a holistic science, more than 5000 year old, believed to be the oldest healing therapy in existence. In Ayurveda we address prevention of ill health, leading to longevity and natural healing.

Lelata Dhara lelata dhara

A warm oil massage that helps to improve circulation, relaxing muscle and nerve fibres of the whole body. Beginning with the face and scalp, we prepare for the treatment called ''lelata dhara'' - a warm herbal oil rhythmically dripped onto the forehead (lelata) for mental relaxation and clarity. Then we begin a warm herbal oil massage of rhythmic light strokes with movement toward the lymphatic drainage for detoxification. This massage balances and restores vital energy flow and deeply relaxes the nervous system.

( 90 mins ) Rp 185.000  ( Book now )
( 105 mins with bath) Rp 225.000 ( Book now )


Chakra Dhara chakra dhara

We seek to restore dosha (individual's constitution) and chakra (energy points) imbalance by dripping herbal oil on four key energy points along the central nervous system. A back, scalp, hand and foot massage using warm stone is performed prior, by two therapists to clear any toxic blockages, inducing a state of deep relaxation and to receive the healing and restorative properties of the flow of oil onto the chakras.

Prices ( 90 mins ) Rp 245.000 ( Book now )


Warm Herbal Oil Massage

Similar to the lelata dhara, this massage uses Ayurveda aromatic spice and herb oil with rhythmic light strokes to produce gentle relaxation and detoxification for the whole body. It nourishes the nervous system to balance and restore vital energy flow.

Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 125.000 ( Book now )

Address : Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Bali. - Visit us at northwest of foot ball field, 50 m down the Beji alley
Phone / Fax :62.361 970796 - Open 09.00 am - 09.00 pm
Website : www.bejiayu.com Email : info@bejiayu.com