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Traditional Cream Bathtraditional creambath

Begin with a deep conditioning scalp massage using candlenut to thicken and shine hair. To allow for deep penetration of the oil the hair is gently and traditionally steamed. Then enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to enhance relaxation. Finish with a deep cleansing sham poo with natural hibiscus leaf extract secret known by Balinese women to soften the hair.

( 60 mins ) Rp 80.000 (Book now )

Creme Conditioning Treatment

This treatment is a special tradition of the people of java. Begin with a stimulating shampoo. then a conditioning scalp massage with your choice of avocado, aloe vera, seaweed or ginseng moisturizing hair crème. Warm steam is then applied to the hair and scalp while the neck and shoulders are massaged to reduce tension.

( 60 mins ) Rp90.000 ( Book now )

Oil Hair Treatment

This is the secret known by Balinese woman for lustrous and healthy hair. We use pure coconut oil (traditional home - made oil) believed to strengthen, thicken, and darken the hair. This oil is infused with pandanus leaf, fenugreek seeds, sandalwood and cinnamon used to stimulate blood circulation. The oil is massaged into the hair and scalp. A Balinese massage for the neck and shoulder enhances relaxation. The oil may be left on the hair three to four hours for deep conditioning before washing.

( 60 mins ) Rp 80.000 (Book now)

Address : Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Bali. - Visit us at northwest of foot ball field, 50 m down the Beji alley
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