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Ayurveda (the '' science of life'') is Indian's natural healing system. It is a holistic science, more than 5000 year old, believed to be the oldest healing therapy in existence. In Ayurveda we address prevention of ill health, leading to longevity and natural healing.

Lelata Dhara / Shiro Dhara

A warm oil massage that helps to improve circulation, relaxing muscle and nerve fibres of the whole body. Beginning with the face and scalp, we prepare for the treatment called ''lelata dhara'' - a warm herbal oil rhythmically dripped onto the forehead (lelata) for mental relaxation and clarity. Then we begin a warm herbal oil massage of rhythmic light strokes with movement toward the lymphatic drainage for detoxification. This massage balances and restores vital energy flow and deeply relaxes the nervous system.

Prices ( 90 mins ) Rp 175.000  ( Book now )

        ( 105 mins with bath) Rp 215.000 ) ( Book now )

Chakra Dhara    

We seek to restore dosha (individual's constitution) and chakra (energy points) imbalance by dripping herbal oil on four key energy points along the central nervous system. A back, scalp, hand and foot massage using warm stone is performed prior, by two therapists to clear any toxic blockages, inducing a state of deep relaxation and to receive the healing and restorative properties of the flow of oil onto the chakras.


Prices ( 90 mins ) Rp 245.000 ( Book now )


Warm Herbal Oil Massage

Similar to the lelata dhara, this massage uses Ayurveda aromatic spice and herb oil with rhythmic light strokes to produce gentle relaxation and detoxification for the whole body. It nourishes the nervous system to balance and restore vital energy flow.


Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 125.000 ( Book now )


Balinese Massage    

This traditional healing and relaxing massage has been handed down through generations. The technique of long strokes, completed with feet acupressure points, renews and strengthens the body. The oil that we use is rich with traditional herbs and spices to ensure your massage with us will be truly revitalizing, peaceful and luxurious.


Prices ( 30 mins ) Rp 55.000 )

         ( 60 mins ) Rp 85.000 ) 

         ( 90 mins ) Rp 120.000 ) ( Book now )


Swedish Massage

This deep and strong massage relieves stress, muscle tension and aches in problem areas like the neck, shoulders and back ( where people usually hold their tension ). Deep strokes of circular friction and cross fiber massage technique stimulate blood circulation. This massage is helpful after working hard or after a long journey.

Prices ( 30 mins ) Rp 65.000 )

         ( 60 mins ) Rp 100.000 ) 

         ( 90 mins ) Rp 140.000 ) ( Book now )

Aroma Therapy Massage

For all of senses, unwind with a choice of aromatic essential oil of plan and flower, with a rhythmic light stroke with movement to the lymphatic area massage, for energy balancing lines, stimulate the mind clean out the body.

Prices ( 30 mins ) Rp 65.000 )

         ( 60 mins ) Rp 100.000 ) ( Book now )

Hot Stone Massage

The therapeutic power of touch combines with the energy of the earth in this muscle relaxing massage. Smooth warmed stones glide across your body in long flowing strokes allowing the heat to relax muscles and induce a soothing effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, stones are placed on the bodyfs various energy points to encourage the bodyfs healing potential.

 Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 125.000 )

         ( 60 mins  two masseurs) Rp 175.000 ) 

Back and Shoulder Massage

This is specifically concentrated on back, Shoulder and Neck. A combination of all the technique will be used to relieve the aches and take out the stress.

Prices ( 30 mins ) Rp 55.000 )

        ( 60 mins ) Rp 85.000 ) 

        ( 90 mins ) Rp 120.000 ) ( Book now )


Reflex Massage

This specialized foot and hand massage assists in relief of stress and tension. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy or '' Chi" that constantly flows through channels or zones. These channels unite to form the reflex points on the feet and hands ( and which are related to the nervous system). It is believed to restore blood circulation and nerve supply to its natural state of equilibrium.


Prices ( 30 mins ) Rp 70.000 )

         ( 60 mins ) Rp 120.000 ) ( Book now )

Foot Massage

Beginning with a footbath followed by deep massage at the feet, with long stroke movements to relax and restore blood circulation. An excellent rejuvenation therapy after hiking and shopping in ubud.


Prices ( 30 mins ) Rp 55.000 )




Lulur Ayu


This is a favorite one of our customers - the body treatment that really makes you feels like royalty. Our lulur Ayu is based on a Javanese ritual that is the ultimate in pampering. First enjoy a relaxing Balinese massage, followed by herbal skin scrub to remove dead skin cells and to smooth and soften your skin. Following the Javanese polish, indulge in a yogurt splash. Then relax by soaking in flower and ylang - ylang petal bath. Finish with a refresing lotion and a jamu (herbal traditional drink) served to increase blood circulation


Prices ( 120 mins ) Rp 140.000 ( Book now )


Milk Bath ( mandi susu )

Firs enjoy a one-hour traditional Balinese massage. Next refresh with traditional herbal glow ( milk and yogurt ) to create baby-soft skin. Followed by reclining in our lovely milk bath. Finish with a rosemary body lotion moisturizer


Prices ( 90 mins ) Rp 125.000 ( Book now )

Aroma Therapy bath

Beginning with Aroma Therapy Massage to reduce your tension and balance your body. than pampered your self in a warm bath, with specially blended essential oil to soothe both the muscles and mind, producing a gentle relaxation.


Prices ( 90 mins ) Rp 115.000 ( Book now )


Oriental Bath

Begin with one-hour swedish massage, followed by skin conditioning with sea water crystal blended with lemongrass and nutmeg oil for overall health. This scrub is a dynamic way to increase circulation, ex-foliate the skin, and mildly detoxify the body. Then soak in a natural sea salt bath and finish with a refreshing, moisturizing lavender lotion.


Prices ( 90 mins ) Rp 125.000 ( Book now )



Spice Scrub


Hand crushed rice is blended with traditional spices, (turmeric, ginger, galangal, clove) to revitalize the skin, creating a healthy glow by gentle exfoliation.
This process removes dead skin cells, softens the skin, and refreshes the body. This special blend of herbs helps to warm your body and muscles by a traditional shower with naturally astringent rice spice wine ( temu arak ) splash. The treatment is completed with back, neck, and scalp massage using a special Balinese flower lotion.


Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 85.000 ( Book now )


Bali Kopi Scrub

If you swoon past a city coffee bar, imagine that smell for a full 45 minutes, while the most fragrant of blends is applied gently to your skin to remove dead skin cells and smooth and soften the skin. Then we nourish your skin using grained carrot followed by a traditional shower with ylang - yalang essential oil. This treatment ends with a refreshing lotion and massage for the back, neck and scalp.


Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 85.000 ( Book now )


Balinese Boreh

this is a centuries old recipe from the village using spice and roots ( clove, ginger, and galagal roots ) that we more readily associate with curry. it's exfoliating ingrediennts soften the skin. The Boreh includes massage of the face, neck, and scalp. Then we nourish your skin with grained cucumber, and continue with a traditional shower or ylang - ylang essential oil. We finish with using refresing body lotion to rejuvenate your skin.
(Traditionally this treatment was prepared to warm the body in the first signs of the windy weather. When I was a child, my family always used the Boreh when we got a cold, fever, headache, arthritis or chill. Because doctors were not available at that time, the whole Balinese family used the Boreh as a curative and preventative treatment).
Note : ( the Boreh is not recommended for pregnant women as the penetrative ingredients direct the heat away from the womb to the body's extremities ).


Prices ( 90 mins ) Rp 145.000 ( Book now )



Traditional Cream Bath

Begin with a deep conditioning scalp massage using candlenut to thicken and shine hair. To allow for deep penetration of the oil the hair is gently and traditionally steamed. Then enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to enhance relaxation. Finish with a deep cleansing shampoo with natural hibiscus leaf extract secret known by Balinese women to soften the hair.


Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 75.000 ( Book now)


Creme Conditioning Treatment

This treatment is a special tradition of the people of java. Begin with a stimulating shampoo. then a conditioning scalp massage with your choice of avocado, aloe vera, seaweed or ginseng moisturizing hair crème. warm steam is then applied to the hair and scalp while the neck and shoulders are massaged to reduce tension.


Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 85.000 ( Book now )

Oil Hair Treatment

This is the secret known by Balinese woman for lustrous and healthy hair. We use pure coconut oil (traditional home - made oil) believed to strengthen, thicken, and darken the hair. This oil is infused with pendanus leaf, fenugreek seeds, sandalwood and cinnamon used to stimulate blood circulation. The oil is massaged into the hair and scalp. A Balinese massage for the neck and shoulder enhances relaxation. The oil may be left on the hair three to four hours for deep conditioning before washing.


Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 75.000 ( Book now )


The purpose of the all our facial is to detoxify, hydrate, and nourish, the skin. We use botanical and essential oil for a deep aromatic cleansing


Facial Ayu ( flower base )

Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 75.000 ( Book now )


Aloe Vera Facial ( biokos )

Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 85.000 ( Book now )


Seaweed Facial ( biokos )

Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 85.000 ( Book now )


Traditional Facial
The holistic facial is based upon balancing the elements of earth, air, fire and water with in the body. This refreshing facial is suitable for all skin types and uses essences of mountain botanical healing clay of flowers and fruit extract.

Earth Elements

Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 75.000 ( Book now )


Flower / Fruit Elements

Prices ( 60 mins ) Rp 75.000 ( Book now )


Our manicure and pedicure are complemented by clove spice reflex massage with lotion



Prices ( 50 mins ) Rp 55.000

(45 mins) with out polish Rp 45.000 ( Book now )



Prices ( 50 mins ) Rp 60.000

(45 mins) with out polish Rp 50.000 ( Book now )



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