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Balinese Massagebalinese massage

This traditional healing and relaxing massage has been handed down through generations. The technique of long strokes, completed with feet acupressure points, renews and strengthens the body. The oil that we use is rich with traditional herbs and spices to ensure your massage with us will be truly revitalizing, peaceful and luxurious.

( 30 mins ) Rp 65.000
( 60 mins ) Rp 95.000
( 90 mins ) Rp 140.000 ( Book now )

Swedish Massage

This deep and strong massage relieves stress, muscle tension and aches in problem areas like the neck, shoulders and back ( where people usually hold their tension ). Deep strokes of circular friction and cross fiber massage technique stimulate blood circulation. This massage is helpful after working hard or after a long journey.

( 30 mins ) Rp 75.000
( 60 mins ) Rp 125.000
( 90 mins ) Rp 175.000 ( Book now )


Aroma Therapy Massage

For all of senses, unwind with a choice of aromatic essential oil of plan and flower, with a rhythmic light stroke with movement to the lymphatic area massage, for energy balancing lines, stimulate the mind clean out the body.

( 30 mins ) Rp 65.000
(60 mins ) Rp 120.000 ( Book now )


Hot Stone Massagehot stone massage

The therapeutic power of touch combines with the energy of the earth in this muscle relaxing massage. Smooth warmed stones glide across your body in long flowing strokes allowing the heat to relax muscles and induce a soothing effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, stones are placed on the body's various energy points to encourage the body's healing potential.

( 60 mins single masseuse) Rp 125.000
( 60 mins two masseuses) Rp 200.000 ( Book now)


Back and Shoulder Massage

This is specifically concentrated on back, Shoulder and Neck. A combination of all the technique will be used to relieve the aches and take out the stress.

( 30 mins ) Rp 65.000
( 60 mins ) Rp 100.000
( 90 mins ) Rp 150.000 ( Book now )


Reflex Massage

This specialized foot and hand massage assists in relief of stress and tension. This technique is based on the premise that the body contains energy or '' Chi" that constantly flows through channels or zones. These channels unite to form the reflex points on the feet and hands ( and which are related to the nervous system). It is believed to restore blood circulation and nerve supply to its natural state of equilibrium.

( 30 mins feet only ) Rp 70.000
(60 mins hand and feet ) Rp 125.000 ( Book now )


Foot Massagefootmassage

Beginning with a footbath followed by deep massage at the feet, with long stroke movements to relax and restore blood circulation. An excellent rejuvenation therapy after hiking and shopping in ubud.

( 30 mins ) Rp 60.000 ( Book now )

Address : Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Bali. - Visit us at northwest of foot ball field, 50 m down the Beji alley
Phone / Fax :62.361 970796 - Open 09.00 am - 09.00 pm
Website : www.bejiayu.com Email : info@bejiayu.com