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Ayurveda (The ” science of life”) is Indians natural healing system. It is a holistic science, more than 5000 year old, believed to be the oldest healing therapy in existence. In Ayurveda we address prevention of ill health, leading to longevity and natural healing.

Shiro dhara  Full body – 90 minutes

A warm oil Massage from Ayurvedic therapy. Beginning with the face and scalp, warm oil is rhythmically dripped onto the forehead [lelata]. This is followed by a warm herbal massage of light strokes with movement toward the lymphatic drainage.

Price Rp. 175.000 ( 60 min – Neck and Shoulder )

Rp. 245.000 ( 90 min – with Abhyangga / Massage ) – Rp. 295.000 ( 115 min – with bath )

Chakra Dhara  Full body – 90 minutes

Herbal oil is dripped onto the four key energy points along the central nervous system. Prior to this a back, scalp, hand and foot massage is performed by two therapists to clear any toxic blockages.


Price Rp. 315.000 ( 90 minutes )

Warm Herbal Oil  Full body – 60 minutes

Similar to the Lelata Dhara this massage uses Ayurvedic aromatic spice and herb oil with light strokes.

Rp. 175.000 ( 90 minutes)

Balinese Massage  Full body – 60 minutes

This traditional massage uses long strokes, complete with feet acupressure points. The oil used is rich with traditional herbs and spices. Also available for a shorter or longer time period.

Price. Rp. 85.000 ( 30 minutes ) – Rp. 135.000 ( 60 minutes)

Rp. 185.000 ( 90 minutes)

Back and Shoulder   Full body – 60 minutes

This is specifically concentrated on back, Shoulder and Neck. A combination of all the technique will be used to relieve the aches and take out the stress.

Price.  Rp. 145.000 ( 60 mminutes ) – Rp. 85.000 ( 30 minutes)

Aroma Therapy Full body – 60 minutes

This massage uses a rhythmic light stroke using aromatic essential oils, with movement toward the lymphatic area. Also available in a 30 minutes massage.

Price Rp. 165.000 ( 60 minutes )

Hot Stone Massage Full body – 60 minutes

The therapeutic power of touch combines with the energy of the earth in this muscle relaxing massage. Smooth warmed stones glide across your body in long flowing strokes allowing the heat to relax muscles and induce a soothing effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, stones are placed on the body’s various energy points to encourage the body’s healing potential.

Price Rp. 165.000 ( 60 Minutes ) – Rp. 210.000 ( 90 minutes)

Remedial Massage Full body – 60 minutes

A deep and strong massage to relieve stress, muscle tension and aches, particularly in the problem areas of neck, shoulders and back. Deep strokes of circular friction uses cross fibre massage techniques. Also available for different time periods.

Price. Rp. 175.000 ( 60 minutes ) – Rp. 215.000 ( 90 minutes)

Reflex Massage Feet and hand – 60 minutes

Price Rp 175.000 ( 60 minutes ) – Rp 90.000 ( feet only 30 minutes)

Foot Massage Leg and feet – 30 minutes

Begins with a footbath and is then followed by a deep massage of the feet with long stroke movements.

Price   Rp 75.000  ( 30 minutes )


Balinese Lulur – 105 minutes

Based on the Javanese ritual, and after a Balinese massage, this herbal skin scrub removes dead skin cells. After a yoghurt splash then relax in the flower bath whilst enjoying a Jamu [traditional herbal drink].

Price Rp. 210.000 ( 120 minutes )

Milk Bath  – 120 minutes

After a one hour Balinese massage then refresh with a traditional herbal glow [milk and yoghurt], then relax in a milk bath. Finish with a rosemary body lotion moisturizer.

Price Rp 190.000  ( 120 minutes )

Aroma Therapy Bath – 105 minutes

After an Aromatherapy massage then relax in a warm bath with specially blended essential oils.

Price Rp 185.000 ( 90 minutes )

Oriental Bath  – 105 minutes

After a Swedish Massage follows a skin conditioning of seawater crystals blended with lemongrass and nutmeg oil. This scrub exfoliates the skin. Finish with a natural sea salt bath and a refreshing moisturizing lavender lotion.

Price Rp 190.000 ( 90 minutes )


Kopi scrub Full body – 60 minutes

A fragrant blend of coffees is applied to your skin to remove dead skin cells. Shower with Ylang-Ylang essential oil then your back, neck and scalp is massaged with a refreshing lotion.

Price Rp 145.000 ( 60 minutes )

Balinese boreh Full body – 90 minutes

An old village remedy for many ills. Spices and roots [clove, ginger and galangal roots] are blended together to exfoliate your skin. Then cucumbers are used to nourish your skin before a shower with Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

Price Rp 195.000  ( 90 minutes )

Wrap – body masque Full body – 60 minutes

Blends of earth-clay, essential oils and flowers are used to draw impurities from the pores of your skin. Your body is wrapped in banana leaves. A Tropical Fruit Body Masque is recommended after sunburn.

Price Rp 145.000 ( 60 minutes )


Traditional Creamebath Head and shoulder – 60 minutes

Deep conditioning scalps massage using candlenut to thicken and shine hair. Then enjoy a neck and shoulder massage to enhance relaxation.

Price Rp 115.000 (60 minutes )

Cream Conditioning Head and shoulder – 60 minutes

Begin with a stimulating shampoo. Then a conditioning scalp massage with your choice of avocado, aloe Vera, seaweed or ginseng moisturizing hair crème. Then neck and shoulders are massaged to reduce tension.

Price Rp 125.000 ( 60 minutes )

Oil Hair treatment Head and shoulder – 60 minutes

This is the secret known by Balinese woman for lustrous and healthy hair. Use pure coconut oil (traditional home – made oil) believed to strengthen, thicken, and darken the hair. The oil is massaged into the hair, scalp, neck and shoulder enhances relaxation. The oil may be left on the hair three to four hours for deep conditioning before washing.

Price Rp 115.000 ( 60 minutes )


Facial Ayu Massage and mask – 60 minutes

A variety of facials are available including Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Earth Elements and Flowers/Fruits to detoxify, hydrate and nourish your skin.

Price: Rp 115.000 ( 60 minutes )

Facial aloe vera Face massage and mask – 60 minutes

Price: Rp 125.000 ( 60 minutes )

Facial seaweed Face massage and mask – 60 minutes

Price: Rp 125.000 ( 60 minutes )

Traditional Facial Massage and mask – 60 minutes

This holistic facial is based upon balancing the element of earth, air, fire and water with in the body. Uses essences of mountain botanical healing clay or flowers and fruit extract.

Earth element Face massage and mask – 60 minutes

Price: Rp 115.000 ( 60 minutes )

Flower / fruit element Face massage and mask – 60 minutes

Price: Rp 115.000 ( 60 minutes )

Salon Treatment
Our manicure and pedicure are complemented by clove spice reflex massage with lotion.


Price Rp. 85.000 (45 minutes) Rp. 75.000 (without polish 30 minutes)


Price Rp. 95.000 (45 minutes) – Rp. 85.000 (without polish 30 minutes)

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