Beji Ayu Spa 

Ubud’s most sacred healing sanctuary

The founder

Managed by a Balinese, I Made Nasib, who made his name working at spas at some of the district’s leading five star Hotels. Beji Ayu is his own spa designed from his many years of experience that offers all the basic services specialties in Ayurvedic Therapy. I Made Nasib is trained in californian massage, swedish massage, hawaiian deep tissue massage, and Ayurvedic therapy massage ( the oldest of Indian’s holistic sciences of natural healing ).Fist he trained as a massage therapist at Ubud Sari Health Resort and later worked for four years at the fanciest Hotel and Resort in Sayan. Currently, he continues to work as a massage therapist at the hotel, as well as to manage and work at his own spa, ”Beji Ayu”. “Before beginning ( my career ) in massage, I worked at this sate of the Beji Ayu as staff at the Gria Jungutan Home Stay.Here I felt the power and spirit of the springs.

A bout the name

BEJI is a Balinese word that refers to a place of holy spring water where Balinese people perform a spiritual cleansing and purification ceremony called ”Mesucian”. This is where the holy water is also often gathered for many traditional ceremonies. AYU is Balinese word for deep beauty – both inner and outer – that can be perceived by others from one’s behavior: a relaxed glow, good – will toward others, and a warm – hearted presence.

Our spa was built at this location because of this spiritual power of the springs, as its serene beauty and close proximity to central Ubud. We strive to create a healing center to bring out the ‘Ayu” in each of our guests. The location of the sacred site of the Beji helps us with our healing work by calling on these sacred spirits of the spring.

The Staff are well trained to create unique ritual and beauty therapies so your treatment with us will be truly revitalizing, peaceful and luxurious. We ensure you will enjoy our services and return again and again.

Address: Monkey Forest Street, Ubud, Bali.

Northwest of foot ball field, 50 m down the Beji alley.

Open daily  09.00 am to  21.00 pm

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